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Obama Vetoes Bill Blocking New NLRB Union Election Rules

President Obama’s vetoed legislation approved by the GOP majority in Congress blocking the National Labor Relations Board’s new rules to speed up employee votes to unionize. The new rules, set to take affect this month, would cut to 14 days the time between when a union files a petition to represent workers and an election. According to Reuters, the median time now is 38-days. The new rules still face court challenges in the District of Columbia and Texas, where business groups say 14-days isn’t long enough for them to prepare for elections.

60-Acre Wildfire Reported in Spring Valley Lake

A wildfire in the Southern California desert’s threatening buildings near Victorville. The San Bernadino County Fire Department says the blaze has expanded to 60 acres since it started around noon today in Spring Valley Lake. The San Jose Mercury News reports the fire’s centered in a river bottom near Mojave Narrows Regional Park. The winds so far today haven’t been strong, but forecasters expect gusty winds through the rest of this afternoon and evening.

Pennsylvania Volunteer Fireman Surrenders After Holding Hostages for an Hour

A Philadelphia man, identified as 25-year old Paul Jordan, surrendered to SWAT officers after holding several firefighters hostage today in the Montgomery County Firehouse. Authortiies say differences between Jordan, a volunteer fireman, and leadership of the LaMott Fire Company No. 1, led to his firing. No details have been released yet on what those differences were. Jordan, armed with a 9mm handfun showed up at the fire house just after 10:30 this morning, taking four firemen hostage. One was released immediately. He surrendered about an hour later after phone and in person talks with negotiators. Investigators say charges are pending.

Kennedy Institute Opens

Today was the opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate at the University of Massachusetts campus. Vice President Joe Biden presided, and called Kennedy was a man whose words matched his actions…. Ted Believed.mp3

Pres. Obama also spoke and reminded the crowd that Ted Kennedy chose to serve for one purpose…. Why Run.mp3

Middle and high school students will use the facility’s replica Senmate chamber to work through the legislative process.

Pres. Obama Praises Ted Kennedy for Ability to Work Across Party Lines to Get Things Done

President Obama praised the late Sen. Ted Kennedy today at the opening of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. Mr. Obama says Kennedy went to Washington to get things done for people….. Legacy.mp3

Middle and high school students will use the virtual Senate, on the UMass campus, to act out the law-making process. The Institute’s goal is to get people more engagted in the political process with a willingness to work with others to get things done.

Pair Try to Force Their Way Onto NSA Campus

Authoritied say one man is dead, and another wounded, after they tried to drive their SUV onto the campus of the National Security Agency at Fort Meade, Maryland. Investigators aree still trying to figure out the motive. The SUV rammed an NSA Police car that blocked the entrance, and security personnel opened fire when the driver refused to stop. A report from NBC News says the SUV had been reported stolen.

Yonkers fire displaces 20 people

A fire yesterday kicked 20 people out of their home in Yonkers.

News 12 reports it started at a multi-family home on Linden Street.

The fire may have started on the first floor. How it started remains unclear.

The fire injured two firefighters and two other people.

Italian Court Tosses Guilty Verdict Against Amanda Knox

Italy’s highest court’s tossed the murder convictions of American Aanda Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, in the 2007 murder of her British roommate, 21-year old Meridith Kercher. The two were found guilty last year by a Florence appeals court. The judges found the evidence didn’t support their convictioon. The full ruling should be released in the next three months. Knox, now 27, didn’t leave her Seattle home for the final appeal.

White House Proposes Effort to Battle Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

The White House is proposing steps to address the increasing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which cause 23,000 deaths and as many as 2-million illnesses annually nationwide. USA Today reports the proposals include cutting down on overprescribing anrtibiotics but doctors and veterinarians. The plan would ban the use of what are considered medically important antibiotics in livestock production by the end of next year. The White House is also pushing for the development of new antibiotics to replace those that no longer fight infections; and can find new drugs to increase animal growth that aren’t antibiotics.

Doctors Note Says Germanwings Co-Pilot Shouldn’t Have Been in the Air

German investigators say Andreas Lubitz tore up a medical doctor’s note that labeled him “unfit to work” the day he deliberately crashed Germanwings flight 9525 into the French Aklps. German prosecutors have also revealed that he was receiving treatment from doctors at University Hospital Dusseldorf as recently as March 10th. Doctors there declined comment on what he was being treated for, citing patient confidentiality. They did say reports that Lubitz was being treated for depression were incorrect.