Suspects arrested after crash into Carlsbad Walmart

A brief police chase Tuesday ended with a vehicle crashing into the doors of Walmart in Carlsbad.

The sheriff’s office reports the arrests of Gabriel Munoz and Donald Busch in the incident.

It says deputies saw Munoz driving erratically along South Canal Street that morning.

The detective who spotted the car kept following it before deciding to stop it.

The men fled from Walmart to the Pilot station on Route 285 into Loving.

They they drove back to Walmart and crashed into the market entrance.

Trump Expected To Take Indiana

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another presidential primary… this time in Indiana. The Hoosier State is ever-important as a strong performance from Republican front-runner Donald Trump could all but seal the nomination for him. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz may have something to say about that but for now, polls indicate Trump will have a good day. Katrina Pierson, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, says she is not worried about Trump’s high unfavorability ratings in polls…

Defense Secretary Speaks Out On Nato

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has told troops of the U-S European Command in Stuttgart, Germany that the NATO alliance is more relevant than ever. He says the alliance is adapting to address disparate threats like Russian aggression, cyberwarfare, and terrorism….

Playground Injuries Increasing Nationwide

A report in the Journal Of Pediatrics finds that despite industry improvements, the number of kids treated in the ER for traumatic brain injuries sustained at playgrounds increased significantly between 2005 and 2013. Dr Jeneita (“juh-NEE’-tuh”) Bell is a Medical Officer with the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta…

Brady Test

The NFL is not staying out of the headlines in the off-season. The NFL draft kicks off tonight in Chicago and a federal appeals court this week ruled Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady must serve a four-game suspension this season over “deflategate.” The court reinstated Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to punish Brady. Goodell faces critics, including some of the league’s stars, who say he has too much power. Commissioner Goodell was on CBS This Mornining, where he was asked if he felt he had too much authority…

Bristol donating toward water feature at The Falls

BRISTOL — The city council in Bristol has earmarked $684,000 from tax revenue from the Falls Development to go toward the building of a waterfall feature at the entrance to the commercial center at The Falls.
Cabela’s, one of the anchor stores, is contributing $250,000 to the project with the city putting up $684,000.
The project was suppose to be done in February but it is behind schedule.

Trial date set for pair charged with assault and robbery.

During a pre-trial conference Tuesday morning a Sept. 28 trial date was set for 21 year old Devon Preyer and 23 year old Davonta Rozier on charges of second-degree assault and first-degree robbery. The pair are accused of assaulting and robbing a University of the Cumberlands’ student late last year. Rozier and Preyer allegedly individually and/or in complicity with another beat victim Zane Parker causing him serious physical injury, and used physical force on Parker while in the course of committing a theft. Both Rozier and the victim were students at Cumberlands at the time of the assault. Preyer is a former student, who was permanently barred from campus after being dismissed from the school in the fall of 2014. University of the Cumberlands spokesperson Leslie Ryser confirmed in January that Rozier is no longer a student at the university.

Sinatra Jr Dead

Frank Sinatra Jr. is dead at the age of 72. The singer died of a heart attack in Daytona Beach, Florida yesterday. He was in town to perform his father’s famous songs as a part of a centennial celebration of his life and music, called “Sinatra Sings Sinatra.” Peabody Auditorium officials say the singer canceled his concert after falling ill.

Type 2 Diabetes

Almost 28-million Americans have type 2 diabetes and another 86 are at risk for developing it. A well-known television personality who has lived with type 2 diabetes for more than 25 years is now speaking out about dealing with the disease. Dr. Phil McGraw has a plan he lives by to manage his diabetes. He says his plan consists of a healthy diet, exercise and medication. Dr. Phil also says it’s important to have a solid support team in place to help people manage their treatment plan and stick to it. He also advises people to educate themselves, know their habits in order to change them, develop a plan and stick with it. The website is offering patient education materials provided by AstraZeneca and video content from Dr. Phil himself.

King Tut’s Tomb

Archaeologists say new radar scans of King Tut’s tomb site could be “the discovery of the century.” Egypt’s antiquities ministry confirms the scans reveal two hidden rooms in the Pharaoh’s mausoleum that contain metal and organic masses. That has experts speculating that the rooms could contain the remains of King Tutankhamen’s mother, Queen Nefertiti and other priceless artifacts. Further analysis on the radar scans will completed soon.