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US stocks plunge, wiping out July’s gains

U.S. stocks plunged Thursday wiping out July’s gains with the worst one-day drop since February. It was only the second monthly loss for stocks this year, after January.The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 317 points. The S& P 500 dropped 39 points and The NASDAQ dropped 93 points. Just a week ago the s and p 500 closed at a record high

US warns against traveling to Ebola-hit countries

U.S. health officials are now warning Americans not to travel to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone all three countries have been hit by an outbreak of Ebola. The travel advisory issued Thursday applies to non-essential travel to the three African countries. The outbreak has killed more than 700 people since March.Officials at the CDC say the risk of the deadly disease coming to the United States remains small. two dozen CDC workers are in West Africa to help try to control the outbreak there. Officials announced Thursday they will send 50 more in the next month.The last time the CDC issued such a warning during a disease outbreak was in 2003 because of SARS in Asia.

WHO Has Plan to Battle Ebola Outbreak in Africa

The World Health Organization’s starting a $100-million response to the “unprecedented” outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. 729-of the 1300 plus infected since February have died. WHO Director General Margaret Chan will meet in Guinea tomorrow, with the presidents of affected West African nations. The plan calls for “several hundred more personnel” to be deployed in affected countries to ease the strain on overstretched treatment facilities. A WHO spokesperson says the agency’s appealing to donor countries for clinical doctors and nurses, epidemiologists, and logisticians.

Google Vague On Handling Euruope’s Right to be Forgotten Requests

Google’s discovering that a lot of people have things they’ve done on line that they’d like to see go away…forever. In the first month and a half since the company said it would accept requests that links be removed under Europe’s “right to be forgotten law,” over 91,000 people have requested that more than 328,000 links be removed. Google hasn’t specifically said how many of those requests have been taken care of, but the company says just over half of the links have been accepted and removed. The latest numbers come from a letter Google sent to European data protection agencies that wanted to know how it was dealing with link removal requests.

Israel Calls UP More Reservists

The Israeli military’s called up 16,000 reservists as Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu said he won’t accept any cease fire that doesn’t allow the military to finish destroying the tunnels Hamas has used to attack civilians in Israel. AN IDF spokesperson says they’ve already destroyed most of the 32 tunnels they’ve found so far. That spokesperson also says the reservists in the latest call up are relief for soldiers on the firing line in Gaza now, but they’re not ruling out expanding the Gaza operation.

Unemployment First Timers Up

The number of people signing up for unemployment benefits rose last week to 302,000, but this economist with IHS Global Insight, a company offering global industry & economic insight and analysis, thinks that, despite the increase, that’s actually a good number, which shows signs of a growing economy…

July Was Tough On Tech Jobs

More than 45-thousand jobs nationwide were slashed in July. That’s according to a report just issued by Challenger, Gray and Christmas. The firms’ C-E-O, John Challenger, explains why the tech industry took such a heavy hit in July this month…

Fiftieth Anniversary Of Plane Crash That Killed Singer Jim Reeves

July 31, 1964 — 50 years ago. Country music star Jim Reeves died, along with one of his band members, when the plane he was piloting crashed near Nashville.

A Broadcast Anniversary

July 31, 1970 — 44 years ago. “The Huntley-Brinkley Report” came to an end after nearly 14 years as co-anchor Chet Huntley appeared for the last time….

[TAG] The broadcast was renamed “NBC Nightly News.”

Small Plane Targets Target

A small plane clipped the top of a Target Store in San Diego, just before it crashed in the parking lot, killing an 80-year-old passenger and seriously injuring the 52-year-old pilot.
This is the pilot talking to air traffic control just before the crash…

TAG: According to the FAA, the pilot had been practicing touch-and-go landings.