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Possible diet could help make life with type 2 diabetes easier

A new study suggests a low-fat vegan diet can provide relief from type 2 diabetes.

Researchers say those with the condition often develop symptoms that include pain, burning, and numbness in their hands and feet.

CEO paying for college for his workers’ children

A CEO has decided to pay for college for his employees’ children.

Chieh Huang runs the wholesale delivery service Boxed.

CBS News reports he has set aside over a million dollars in cash and stock to help his workers put their kids on the path to higher education.

Huang believes that as the company grows rapidly, the stock also grows rapidly. This would allow Boxed to pay for tuition.

At this point, he has 12 children of employees who at some point may participate in this tuition plan.

The deal does not cover room and board, but Huang says it has no limits on private or public college tuition.

Report: Live anthrax samples sent to Australia

The DOD has more anthrax problems.

A report shows another live batch went to Australia.

Earlier this week, the Army said personnel at an Army facility in Utah accidentally sent samples to labs in nine states and a base in South Korea.

The DOD tells NBC News this has not endangered the public, and the CDC continues helping with this investigation.

$21M raised in a matter of days for impoverished children

The first American “Red Nose Day” telethon has raised $21 million for children living in poverty.

The total has surfaced following a collection of comedy-musical skits that went viral on social media and mobile phones that ended with last week’s three-hour NBC variety show.

Good News Network reports Walgreens sold wearable red noses and helped raise $8 million.

FIFA president wins re-election

Sepp Blatter has won a fifth term as the president of FIFA.

Blatter’s re-election comes on the heels of a massive corruption scandal that has led to the indictment of a dozen FIFA officials.

FIFA serves as the world governing body for organized soccer.

Beer plant stops production to help flood victims

An Anheuser-Busch plant in Georgia has reportedly stopped beer production.

It has brought things to a halt to can water for people who the flooding in Texas and Oklahoma has affected.

NBC News reports this brewery in Cartersville keeps working with the Red Cross to deliver the water to areas the heavy rain has affected.

The transport of 2,000 cases of canned water has already started, and that water should arrive within days.

Cuba disappears from U.S. terrorism list

The State Department has removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terorrism.

This marks a step towards normalizing diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Cuba has spent time on the list since 1982. At that time, the United States said this move resulted from Cuba’s support of armed revolution in Latin America.

Ex House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Dennis Hastert, has been indicted on federal charghes of lying to the FBI and evading taxes. The indictment, unsealed in Illinois today doesn’t offer specifics, but alleges Hastert took the actions for which’s been charged, in an effort to pay an unidentified individual $3.5-million to “cover up past misconduct.” Federal prosectuors allege the payments ran from 2010 to 2014. Hastert was House Speaker from 1999 to 2006.

Da Vinci Fire Arson Arrest Audio

Authorities in L.A. say 56-year old Dawud Abdulwali’s been arrested and charged with arson in last December’s spectacular Da Vinci Apartment’s fire. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti says not only was there a big financial cost for the damage done to the under construction housing, but there additional damage was done to adjacent city buildings… Fire Cost.mp3

Abdulwali’s bond’s been set at over $1-million. Investigators have so far said little about a motive for the fire.

Texas Flooding

Texas authorities say at least 16-people have died in the flash flooding that’s swamped the state, and set a record for the most rainfall in a single month. A flash flood watch’s been issued by the National Weather Service today for an area running from San Antonio into Dallas and up to Oklahoma.