Archives for May 2017

New Stage Floor At MCCC

The city council voted unanimously to approve a bid from Zeller Construction for $57,860 to repair the stage floor at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center. The floor is been made of yellow pine, proven to be too soft for the stage, as over the past decade it is coming up in chunks or separating. The new floor will be made of an oak hardwood plank and will be four inches wide, and one inch thick. The bid will cover the cost of demolishing the old floor, replacing the support structures, and installing the planks.

Mound City PD Head In Trouble

The Mound City Police Chief is behind bars, facing domestic battery charges. Illinois State Police arrested Jimmy Page at his home in rural Union County. State’s Attorney, Tyler Edmonds says Page is being held in the Jackson County Jail, pending a bond hearing scheduled for today.

Local Stabbing

A Harrisburg man is recovering after being stabbed in his head and face in an attack outside his home. Frankie Vasquez was helping his neighbor across the street, when he noticed three people lurking around the abandoned house next door. When he confronted the potential intruders, they attacked. Vasquez suffered five stab wounds. Police have apprehended two juveniles involved in the attack. Police Chief, David Morris says he believes the attack is related to the recent string of shootings in town.